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File Name
Feature Dataset
District of North Vancouver
355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7N 4N5


Covers the District of North Vancouver
West: 490784.4 m
East: 508743.6 m
South: 5460296.87 m
North: 5473334.27 m
Coordinate System
GCS North American 1983
NAD 1983 UTM Zone 10N

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Data Type
Feature Class
Data Format
ESRI Enterprise SDE
Geometry Type
Not Applicable
Spatial Index
Linear Referencing


Date Posted to GIS:
  • 1988: An electronic copy of parcels was acquired from Terasen (then called BC Gas) in the late 1980's. This data was obtained in Microstation DGN file format and was used to support the Computer Aided Design System during that era. The spatial accuracy of the parcel pins was approximately 10 to 50 cm on average as property pins were not entered using coordinate geometry. Many 'fragmented' lines occurred in this version of the parcels. No alpine parcels existed, only parcels in the developed portion of the District of North Vancouver.
  • 1993: The parcels were converted to ESRI coverage format in 1993. During this conversion fragmented lines were cleaned up to form a topologically correct coverage. In 1994, parcel polygons were assigned unique IDs and the linking process between the parcels in the GIS and the property records (stored in Tempest) began. An ongoing effort to find missing properties in both the property records system and in the GIS continued till 2001. In 1996, the parcels in the alpine region were added by metes and bounds descriptions due to lack of first order survey monuments in that region.
  • 2001: By 2001 all parcels were uniquely identified and linked to property records and to legal plans. Between 2001 to current various small "housekeeping" projects helped to correct the more extraordinary cadastral issues such as strata lots, parcels that exist as polygons but were 'split' by roads, accreted land, properties within road allowances, properties that participate in tax consolidations, and other similar data maintenance projects.
  • 2004: By 2004 the parcels coverage was converted to ESRI enterprise geodatabase format. Since 2001 all properties that are corrected or added to the parcels feature class are done so using coordinate geometry (COGO) techniques wherever possible. Over time this has improved the accuracy of the parcels feature class.


  • Spatial information is known to be complete, expected to be complete or very close to complete.


The Land Titles Office submits legal plans to the GIS department. Lot lines are then entered into the GIS using coordinate geometry.

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